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Open Database Connectivity

ODBC Router is software that leverages industry standards to connect apps that you've purchased or developed to virtually any enterprise data in realtime, including support for iPads/iPhones, Macs, PCs and Linux servers.

Product Background

ODBC Router was originally created in the 1990s to enable large networks of Macs to access mainframe and minicomputer databases. As its free client-side components were ported to Windows, ODBC Router also began to solve the significant IT support issues involved in maintaining "database drivers" and their often expensive "networking libraries" across large groups of PCs. Later, ODBC Router client-side components were ported to Linux to enable web apps and appliances to share enterprise data with desktop apps like Excel. Today, ODBC Router is blazing ahead with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad support and is used by Fortune 500 companies, world governments and startups alike.

Why Did We Create ODBC Router?

Non-Windows platform vendors such as Apple and RedHat have always expected the database vendors to provide "database drivers" that satisfy the connectivity needs of their customers, but the reality is that database vendors tend to focus exclusively on Windows and Java due to margin pressure. That leaves non-Windows customers caught between alternatives such as proprietary database APIs (like MySQL now in the hands of its largest for profit competitor) and unsupportable solutions such as third-party database drivers and embedded client-side virtual machines, or a fragile array of server-based XML and JSON marshalling scripts that are always off-schedule, time-consuming and costly to build and support forever. ODBC Router completely eliminates these issues by providing the de facto Open Data Base Connectivity (ODBC) APIs on the latest platforms that, in turn, uses the database vendors' official Windows "database drivers" installed on a central PC (or VM instance): Client-side code directly interacts with database stored procedures, views or tables under established database security mechanisms and SQL standards with no custom server-side code.

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