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Open Database Connectivity Router

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Download an ODBC ROUTER Network Server or Client-side Components

1. ODBC Network Server ->

2. ODBC Drivers (for use with purchased PC & Mac Desktop Apps) ->

3. ODBC Software Development Kits for Apple iOS, Macs & Windows

Note 1: These are royalty-free for our licensees to re-distribute with their apps.
Corporate ("in-house") and Commercial ("retail") software engineers traditionally link their database apps to an ODBC Driver Manager. By instead linking to these (compatible) libraries, they eliminate the need for their users to deal with ODBC driver installation and control-panel configuration on each device in their network, instead all configuration is performed centrally on the Windows box hosting the ODBC Network Server).

(mobile kits)
Note 2: Apple iOS ODBC SDK v1.3.1 includes some source code and is only available with purchase.
iOSApple iOS 3.1.2+,4.x,5.0.xNov 6 2011 odbcApp iPad/iPhone/iPod 

(desktop kits, clients may contact us for later builds)
Note 3: For Objective C support, please use the iOS ODBC SDK. The Mac OS X SDK is C-only (Carbon or Cocoa).
Macintosh onlyMac OS X 10.5.8, 10.6.8Aug 8 2009ask
Windows only9x/ME/NT/XP/Vista/200x/7Jun 12 2007ask

4. ODBC Drivers for Linux Workstations, IT Appliances & Web Servers ->

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