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Using ODBC Router with Specific Applications -> Installing ODBC on some Macs

Users of some Macs, will need to take some additional steps to support Open Data Base Connectivity.

Under ODBC, applications usually talk to databases by way of an ODBC Driver Manager supplied with the operating system, much as they talk to printers via a Print Manager. But an ODBC Driver Manager was not included in any version of Mac OS prior to 10.2 (Jaguar), so ODBC-aware Mac applications have historically required third-party ODBC Driver Managers. These Apple and various third-party ODBC Driver Managers have pecularities about them which you may need to be aware of, if you are using or have used older Macs. The chart below breaks this down for you. In addition, very recent versions of Mac OS X may need to have their ODBC Driver Manager downloaded and installed seperately from the operating system.

ODBC Administrator (Mac OS X 10.7 "Lion", 10.6 "Snow Leopard")
Download from Apple

ODBC Administrator (Mac OS X 10.5 "Leopard", Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger", 10.3 "Panther", 10.2 "Jaguar")
Recent versions of Mac OS X include ODBC Administrator in its Utilities (Go->Utilities) folder, ODBC Administrator is an emerging variant of iODBC Administrator 3.5.3 (below). Like all new releases, this utility contains a number of issues (that ODBC ROUTER works around using its new iODBC.NET/X driver), so it is recommended that Customers continue to use iODBC Administrator 3.5.3 (included with iODBC.NET/X) until Apple has a chance to further mature ODBC Administrator.

iODBC Administrator 3.5.3 (Mac OS X 10.1.2-10.4.2)
iODBC Administrator 3.5.3, is used by applications like MS-Office 2004, MS-Office.X (Service Pack 1), OMNIS Studio and MacSQL. iODBC Administrator connects all Mac OS X applications with ODBC ROUTER via our iODBC.NET/X driver.

ODBC Configure 4.00 (Mac OS X 10.1+)
FileMaker Pro 6 and 7 for Mac OS X (shipped in the Summer of 2002 and 2004, respectively) included ODBC Configure. ODBC Configure connects with ODBC ROUTER via our iODBC.NET/X driver. ODBC ROUTER is the first middleware to support both ODBC Administrator, iODBC Administrator and ODBC Configure in one driver.

REALbasicPro (Mac OS X, Mac OS, Windows)
ODBC ROUTER provides special support for REALbasicPro developers via our free plug-ins that eliminate the need for customers to install drivers or configure ODBC control panels on each machine. (Requires ODBC Router.)

ODBC 3.51 Control Panel aka ODBC Configure (Classic Mac OS)
FileMaker Pro 5.5 and MS-Office 2001 Service Pack 1 include the MERANT ODBC 3.51 Control Panel. The ODBC 3.51 Control Panel connects with ODBC ROUTER via the OverDRIVER 3.51 driver. Note: ODBC 3.51 can be installed at the same time as older releases of ODBC 3.xx (below). If this is done, then ODBC ROUTER's standard OverDRIVER (below) should be used in place of OverDRIVER 3.51.

ODBC Setup PPC 3.11 (Classic Mac OS)
FileMaker Pro 5.0 includes the InterSOLV ODBC 3.11 ODBC Setup PPC control panel. The ODBC Setup PPC control panel connects with ODBC ROUTER via the OverDRIVER driver. Note: We recommend replacement of ODBC 3.11 with ODBC 3.00 (below) whenever possible due to its conflicts with MS-Office.

ODBC Setup PPC 3.00 (Classic Mac OS)
FileMaker Pro 4.1-4.2 and MS-Office 98 include the InterSOLV ODBC 3.00 ODBC Setup PPC control panel, which is also compatible with FileMaker Pro 5.0, MS-Office 2001 and many other applications. If you have an MS-Office 98 CD-ROM, you may install InterSOLV ODBC 3.00 by opening its Value Pack folder, launching the Value Pack Installer, expanding the Data Access entry, expanding the ODBC entry, selecting just the ODBC Administrator entry and clicking Install. The ODBC Setup PPC control panel connects with ODBC ROUTER via the OverDRIVER driver.

iODBC 3.0.5 (Classic Mac OS)
Some Classic Mac applications support ODBC but do not include an ODBC driver manager. If you do not have an MS-Office 98 CD-ROM, then you may choose to use the public domain iODBC driver manager. ODBC ROUTER includes and connects to the public domain iODBC driver manager via the iOverDRIVER driver.
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