ODBC Router Frequently Asked Questions
Purchasing an ODBC Router

How is ODBC Router licensed?

The client-side components that are either linked into your app at build-time or installed by users with the ODBC control-panel are free and free for re-distribution when used with a licensed server-side component.

The server-side component (for use on a PC or VM running Windows along-side the data source's official ODBC driver) is licensed on a per-server basis, adjusted for the number of CPUs showing in the Task List and the concurrency mode:
  • Multi-User w/6 months of E-mail support costs about the same as an office desk & chair
  • Instant Purchase
  • One complimentary Not For Resale (NFR) license provided for app consultants with paid purchase by their client

If you are a consultant verifiably supporting a paid client site using an ODBC Router, we may assist you with delivery of your local support by providing you with a complimentary NFR (Not For Resale) license matching the largest configuration in use by our mutual customers.

Is there a free Evaluation?

Yes, the server-side component will default to an "Evaluation Mode"; however, to discourage piracy, this mode is compiled without certain modules and will randomly drop client sessions, leak server memory and limits the number of rows in the result set to resist production deployment.

What is Product Activation?

After licensing, re-launch the Activator utility on the machine where you have installed ODBC Router and click the send-to-AugSoft button or copy and paste the displayed string of numbers into a support ticket along with the GEOKEY# from your order. Within 72 hours (usually faster), a license key will be returned by AugSoft that can be installed in under a minute and will disable the Evaluation mode. If you later need to move the software license for good cause (such as a hardware issue) and your site is covered by an E-mail, On-Call or Alliance support period, we can reissue the key for you.
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