ODBC Router Frequently Asked Questions
About ODBC Router Setup & Administration

What ODBC Router components need to be installed on each individual system in my organization?

Apps developed directly with our free ODBCSDK eliminate the need for users to acquire ODBC drivers or configure an ODBC control-panel on their mobile device, desktop or web server. To support retail ODBC-ready applications (like Microsoft Office) on Macs and PCs, end-users or PC technicians may also download a free OverDriver (that internally has been pre-linked to ODBCSDK) allowing the server-side ODBC data sources to be mapped to the local desktop machine's ODBC control panel (without any locally installed ODBC drivers or supporting network libraries.)

I am using retail ODBC-ready apps on my desktop machine and want to use a data source on an ODBC Router , what configuration needs to be done after installation of the client-side ODBC OverDRIVER?

Typical client-side configuration: See our online docs for pictures and more options.

What kind of ODBC ROUTER components are installed on my server?

Administrators download and run a program that auto-installs ODBC ROUTER as a background service. Additionally, several small utility commands are installed to allow the Administrator to register and upgrade their software license as desired. Once installed, any data sources added to the SystemDSN property-tab of the ODBC Control Panel on the NT/2K box will appear (automatically) to client Macs, PCs and UNIX boxes running the ODBC OverDRIVER or built with our plug-ins or SDK. See also faqlicense#hn_What_is_Product_Activation.

Who do the ODBC ROUTER components on my server connect with?
Our software is spyware/adware free. Nothing in our software is able to contact AUGSOFT (or any other third-party) with the exception of our interactive product Activator utility, which will only send a sequence of numbers to us if you choose the option to click an explicitly marked Send-To-AugSoft button (instead of using the cut/paste e-mail activation technique) after first reviewing what will be sent.

What ongoing server maintenance needs to be done after installation of an ODBC ROUTER on my server?

No ODBC ROUTER-specific administration or configuration is required! Network events are reported in the Windows Application Log found in the system's Event Viewer (Start->Run EVENTVWR.EXE)
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