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Open Database Connectivity

Enterprise Solutions & Typical Use Cases

Power Users

  • Analysts link Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice spreadsheets on Mac or Windows to live data from their website and enterprise databases.
  • Executives "draw" apps with FileMaker Pro on Mac or Windows (or in Microsoft Access on Windows) that presents data from their website and other databases.
  • Marketing and Finance staff may link Microsoft Word and OpenOffice mail merge documents on Mac or Windows to live data from their website and other databases.
  • Desktop Publishing apps like Quark on Mac can import/export to live databases (for catalog/flyer production)

Software Developers

Rapidly develop iPhone Apps that tie into corporate database systems or platforms such as QuickBooks Pro, SugarCRM or enterprise data warehouses.

Build retail iPhone and iPad apps that talk directly to your service database without server-side scripting and countless hours of client-side coding, testing and re-testing your protocol for backwards and forwards compatibility to each app release.

Link Linux based PHP/PERL web stores to QuickBooks Pro.

Link JavaScript and LAMP web applications for MySQL or other databases without locking to only MySQL

IT Systems Engineers

  • Store the Call Detail Records from phone systems into databases for cross-referencing with clients and vendors
  • Store the system-log from Linux servers, routers and other equipment into databases, adding triggers and "alerts"
  • Collect shop-floor and laboratory information live into databases to share with iPhones and Linux web servers
  • Create shipping-solutions that pull address labels/packing slips directly from databases and updates tracking#s

Databases Supporting ODBC?

Almost every revision of every database system including...
MySQL, Firebird/Interbase
DB/2 on IBM iSeries (AS/400) & zSeries
Legacy (ISAM, etc..) mainframes
Rdb and VAX DBMS
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